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Our Purpose
The primary purpose of the Hospitals & Institutions subcommittee is to carry the Crystal Meth Anonymous message of recovery to individuals who are confined, restricted or otherwise unable to attend a 12-Step CMA meeting.

Many times, an H&I meeting is the first introduction to Crystal Meth Anonymous that many inmates, clients or patients receive. Therefore, it is important that our message of recovery through the 12-steps be informative, clear, concise, positive and solution oriented.

What is an H&I Meeting?

An H&I meeting is a 12-step recovery meeting that takes place inside jails, treatment centers, hospitals, recovery homes, sober living environments or any other institution or facility where access to CMA meetings is limited or restricted. We us conference approved literature and provide this literature to those attending our meetings.

What Happens at an H&I Meeting?

There are many formats that can be used at an H&I meeting such as: Topic & Discussion, God Stick Sharing, and Question & Answer, just to name a few. Generally there is a panel with a minimum of two crystal meth addicts sharing their personal experience with recovery and staying sober through the 12-steps. In many ways, H&I meetings resemble regular CMA meetings including the celebration of milestones in sobriety.

Why Should I Volunteer?

Many crystal meth addicts have encountered an enhanced quality of recovery through their participation in H&I sharing. Many describe it as being an incredible experience knowing that they have made a difference. Our identity as recovering crystal meth addicts provides us with a unique perspective to carry the message of recovery to other crystal meth addicts. Other benefits of H&I service include:

  1. Helping us to maintain our recovery

  2. Helping another to find recovery

  3. Rewarding us

  4. Challenging and improving us

  5. Helping us to stay connected

  6. Providing hope for the newcomer

  7. Flexibility of one or two meetings per month

  8. Benefiting other addicts from our valuable experience

How do I Become a Member

It is easy to become a member of the San Diego H&I subcommittee. Simply attend the next scheduled business meeting and complete an information form. By doing this, you will be placed on the volunteer list. There are sobriety requirements to serve on certain panels. Also there are clearance requirements for certain facilities such as jail or juvenile hall. Not every facility has strict requirements. Details will be explained at the business meeting. If you have a desire to serve, we can find a place for you.

How am I Trained?

First, we want to assure you that you will not be expected to facilitate an H&I meeting alone or without any guidance or assistance. When you attend the business meeting, we will arrange for an orientation and you will be paired with an experienced H&I panel leader. In this way, you will be able to learn and get comfortable with H&I service. After a period of time, you will then be able to carry out the responsibilities of a panel member. Panel members are never expected to work alone. H&I panels will always consist of a minimum of two members, often there will be more than two members present. Panels are supplied with all of the necessary tools and information to carry the CMA message of recovery.

We are Guests . . . .

Always remember that we are guests of any facility where our meetings are held. As such, we must be respectful, act responsibly, and comply with all regulations. Additional training and orientation will be provided for certain facilities with stricter requirements.

Business Meetings

Our business meetings are open to all who are interested in learning more about volunteering. The H&I subcommittee meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at 5 p.m. at 3900 Cleveland St., upstairs in room 205, San Diego, CA 92103. You can contact us.