Our 12th Step, 7th Tradition and primary purpose tell us that we have a huge obligation to those still waiting to hear that CMA can help them.  With your help, SDCMA Public Information Outreach (PIO) can further carry the message that recovery is possible.  CMA PIO is the lifeline to addicts who have yet to learn that CMA can help.  


Your 7th Tradition contribution is tax deductible. Thank you! 


  • Literature production for health fairs, professional panels or panels to addicts--$400
  • Lifetime literature and 4-tier racks in hospitals, pharmacies and 37 libraries--$700
  • Business cards and post cards for pawn shops, bars, tattoo parlors, etcetera--$300
  • Power point projector for making panel presentations (or a used, working projector would be great too)--$700
  • Postage, printed envelopes and material to mail 1000 professionals, treatment centers and sober livings--$1150
  • Bus benches (5) public service announcements on 5 bus benches in Hillcrest and North Park for 1 year--$5640
  • Billboard public service announcement in Hillcrest or North Park for 1 month--$700
  • Booth expenses and rentals for health fairs--$200
  • Pens for professionals who work with addicts--$300
  • Both CMA books in 37 libraries--$725
  • CMA GSO Conference (CMA World) annual business meeting expenses for Public Information Outreach--$225
  • Prudent reserve equal to one-year's expenses--$700
  • Toner cartridge and office supplies for printing professional letters--$120
  • Toner cartridges (5) for printing all other literature--$365


We are very grateful for any size contribution.  Your help will go a long way to better reach the crystal meth addict who has yet to learn that CMA can help.


To make a contribution to reach the suffering addict who does not know that CMA can help, click here.

Click for more information on what Public Information Outreach does.

Contact Public Information.

Public Information can only accept a general contribution (not to a specific campaign).  The above is a list of ideals and is provided to show our subcommittee's intention.