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Public Information Service for CMA Members

Public Information

Like all of CMA, the primary purpose of members involved with public information outreach (PIO) is to carry the CMA message to the crystal meth addict who still suffers. Working together, PIO members convey CMA information to the general public, including the media. We want CMA to be known and respected in the community so that potential members can find us.  These public information lifelines are a matter of life and death for the addict who has yet to learn that CMA can help!


Participating in the PIO subcommittee gives us a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of others. When called upon, we:


  • Distribute fliers, posters, business cards and other public service announcements to inform the public of how to reach us

  • Staff literature booths at health fairs

  • Maintain current meeting schedules throughout the city

  • Present CMA to underrepresented populations of addicts

  • Speak to school assemblies
  • Distribute information to those in contact with addicts through their professions

  • Distribute literature racks to hospitals, schools & libraries

  • Present speaker panels to professionals who work with addicts

What is Public Information Outreach?

The role of PIO is to ensure that clear and accurate information about CMA is available to those who express a sincere interest. We perform public relations service to increase awareness. Being part of a subcommittee that brings suffering addicts to our fellowship is a reward that cannot be expressed—only experienced.


What is the Importance of Our Anonymity?

Our foundation of anonymity can be seriously damaged by members acting alone, so we go in pairs. We don’t give our last names nor show our face in the media as members of CMA. As part of our program of recovery, we avoid self-promotion in favor of a more modest style of service.

The PIO subcommittee envisions a city where:

  • It is universally accepted that Crystal Meth Anonymous helps addicts seeking recovery
  • Clergy, social service providers and doctors work collaboratively to refer crystal meth addicts to CMA
  • Volunteers feel empowered and successfully advance the message that CMA is available in San Diego
  • CMA services are broad enough that we positively impact addicts we have yet to see 

Why Should I Volunteer?

Many crystal meth addicts encounter an enhanced quality of recovery when participating in PIO service. Some describe it as being an incredible experience knowing they have made a difference. Our identity, as recovering crystal meth addicts, provides us with a unique perspective to carry the message of recovery to other crystal meth addicts. Other benefits of PIO service include:


  • Helping us to maintain our recovery

  • Guiding another to find recovery

  • Challenging & improving us

  • Connecting us with recovered addicts

  • Providing many addicts with our valuable service

Learn as You Go
Don't worry about having to be in a strange event alone.  That's not the way it's done.  New PIO members are paired with an experienced member so that you have a chance to learn the ropes.  After awhile, members becomes panel members.  New panel members are supplied with all the necessary information to help them clearly communicate the CMA message.

How do I Get Involved?

Every member has a place in the PIO subcommittee.  You are especially welcome if you can volunteer 3 weekday hours per month. Your input, suggestions, feedback, and participation are valued and needed.  We invite you to come to our PIO event planning meetings.  PIO always needs willing hands and minds.


We meet on the fourth Saturday of the month at 6 p.m. at *University Christian Church, room 208, across from the Hillcrest DMV at 3900 Cleveland Ave, 92103. Contact us.

If you have a desire to serve, there's a place for you.  We keep our contented sobriety by giving it away.  Public Information Outreach allows us to do just that.


to print the above in pamphlet form.


Contribute to reach the addict who has yet to learn that CMA can help.


*University Christian Church is not affiliated with CMA.