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These pamphlets have been approved by the San Diego Crystal Intergroup for use in our district. They have NOT been approved by the CMA General Service Conference.

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GSR's & Meeting Treasurers Files: 9

2015 District Assembly dates for GSR's are Jan. 3, Feb. 7, Apr. 4, Jun. 6, Aug. 1, Oct. 3 and Dec. 5.

CMA Readings Files: 12

These were developed over time as readings that are typically read aloud during a CMA meeting.

These materials are copyrighted by the fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous © 2008/2013. CMA grants a nonexclusive license to download, print, and copy these materials solely for your personal use and for use by CMA meetings only. CMA documents cannot be added too, deleted from or changed in any manner and must be printed 'as is'. However, we encourage local Intergroups, Districts and/or areas to stamp their contact information on the space provided on the back of the pamphlet.