Thank You For Supporting the San Diego Crystal Intergroup in Carrying the Message to the Newcomer!

San Diego Crystal Intergroup exists because of contributions of time, talent and money from generous CMA members.  Without them, it would be nearly impossible for SDCMA to help the CMA meetings, community and those who need help most--the newcomers.

Without our services we would often loose that new member just coming in the door; without our services, we would spoil the main chance of millions who do not yet know the solution.  Our district would not function unless our services are sufficient and our bills are paid.

Make your contribution today so that recovery can reach around the whole county of San Diego.  Remember that contributions equal service.

For opportunities to give or to find out more about our immediate needs, call us at 619-342-1656.  

"I want the hand of CMA to always be there."  

For your tax deductible receipt, enter your address in the box "Need a Tax Letter."

To help reach the addict who has yet to learn that CMA can help, please mail a check and write "Public Info" in the memo, and do not use the "Donate" button.

Please make checks payable to San Diego Crystal Intergroup.


Mail Contributions To:

San Diego Crystal Intergroup
1286 University Avenue, PMB 706
San Diego, CA  92103-3312


Has SDCMA made a positive impact on your recovery?  Please consider a contribution ($5, $15, $35+) so together we can continue to carry the message by better serving meetings and creating and facilitating more 12th Step work.


Click to print the District's suggestion on how much of your meeting's 7th Tradtion goes to the District, Area & CMA General Service Office (GSO).


Your Personal Contribution to the District


Members Can Give Directly to the District 
We give directly to the District to show our gratitude for the program that gave us back our life.  The meetings would have little support without the District, and for that we show our gratitude.  Some of us celebrate sobriety birthdays by giving directly to the district.  Others give lump sums for tax right-offs.  The limit is $6500 per member per year.

Your gift is fully tax deductable to the amount allowed by law as we are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation--so ask for a receipt.  By the way, your contributions for tickets to CMA events or for fundraisers like the cake auctions are also tax deductable.

If you want your 7th Tradition to reach the addict who has yet to learn that CMA can help, then write "Public Info" in the memo of your check.  Learn how CMA reaches the suffering crystal addict who does not know about CMA.


Why Support the District
By making SDCMA self-supporting, we help make sure CMA will be there for those in need in San Diego and Imperial counties.  Many members whose lives are being restored by working a program express their gratitude by giving back to the fellowship.  Through giving, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves and therefore grow in our recovery.

Our meetings and district have necessary expenses.  Our funds must come from within--our spiritual principle of self-support requires this.

All members and groups benefit from the District, and all contributions are voluntary.


How Much is Enough
Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery, so we do not need large reserves of money.  But we do need enough money to pay our expenses, so when the newcomer needs a meeting, there is a telephone number to call, literature to read, a website to find, or a CMA event to attend.  Funds also provide more and better 12th Step work opportunities like with Hospitals & Institutions, Contact On Release and Public Information Outreach.  And we need large enough reserves to insure SDCMA will be around for generations to come.

For your contribution to each meeting, use Bill W's 1948 formula and factor inflation.  Today's responsible contribution per person per meeting is an average of $1.66.  This includes the needs of your meeting, District, Area, and the General Service Office (GSO).  So if you are able, please consider giving a couple dollars per meeting to help balance things out.


What if the District Gets too Much Money
Concept 12 suggests that the District maintain a reserve of one-year's expenses.  But now1/4 our prudent reserve is at of our annual expenses.  So after we meet our reserve, any excess will go to the California Area Assembly of CMA (CAACMA) and to the GSO.


The 7th Tradition is about service too.  We are also fully self-supporting through our service commitments.  And service is part of the triangle that keeps us sober.  Click for open service opportunities.


Thank you for your contributions to SDCMA!!  Your money and commitments help the District reach the suffering addicts in ways that meetings cannot do alone.